Find something that can make your Monday brighter.


Often Monday’s are known as dull and boring, but you can change that… Its all to do with your attitude, if you feel positive , you can make the most of that day. Even for me as a student its hard , if you know an event is happening on a Monday that you aren’t looking forward to , it drags you down.

I like to be organised and plan my week ahead, in my diary, on a Sunday evening . I know that if i don’t plan my week ahead , Monday feels like a load pilling up on my shoulders. So it definitely helps by packing my bag and planning my diary for the week ahead.

I find that doing something you love or admire on a Monday morning, can help brighten up your day. There are so many things you can do , but for me i enjoy picking some fresh flowers out the garden. (oops..sorry mom!) I normally place the flowers in a vase next to my bed side table, and i will be able to admire them before i wake up and go to sleep! They don’t even have to be bright or colourful , but they must be pretty! I absolutely LOVE flowers !(And i’m pretty sure most girls do too!) Another thing i enjoy doing is getting dressed into a outfit that i love and that i feel confident in.

So this morning , i showered and got dressed , picked some flowers and had a great start to my day !

I hope that your day was filled with smiles and laughs !

♥︎ Cee xo

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